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Eshani Karu Telomere DNA Repair Cream

Telomere DNA Repair Cream

Eshani Karu Telomere DNA Repair Cream is something that Eshani has wanted to do for a long time, work on a cutting edge product. Telomere and its DNA Repair qualities has been the subject of wide scale discussion and experimentation since it was Telomeres were first discovered in 1930. Telomeres are part of our DNA; they are the top of the strands holding it together; the analagy that science gives is that of imagining DNA as a shoelace and the Telomeres are the shoelace cap preventing it from unraveling. As we get older our DNA begins to shrink a bit and this shrinking results in aging. Eshani has worked with her scientific formula people to come up with a corrective cream, with an eye to working on many of the aging signs people exhibit on their skin, and have you apply the cream before bed so it can do its creaming while you sleep.

The Telomere DNA Repair Cream has been designed to show a tightening and firming visual and to minimize appearances of discolor, bad texture and possibly even some blemishes. It's designed for women showing signs of aging and in need of radiance, hydration, elasticity and luminosity.

Telomere DNA Repair Cream Benefits:

    1. It takes on the fight for numerous skin aging signs.
    2. The cream helps fight your skin structures' integrity.
    3. Cream is moisurizer and skin soother.
    4. It works to reduce the appearance of a blemish, wrinkles around the eyes, poor skin texture and tone and fine lines around the mouth.
    5. It takes on your skin fight of sun damage and environmental pollution.

What Type of Skin is Targeted?

    1. The Telomere DNA Repair Cream has been designed for all skins
    2. It is particularly designed for aging skin
    3. It is also designed for dry skin

Eshani Karu Telomere DNA Repair Cream: How it Works

The research time looked at all the available ingredients that science has so far found to work effectively with telomeres and one ingredient stood out for what the team wanted to accomplish - Teprenone. Teprenone is an ingredient that when combined with squalane and hyaluronic acid the team believed that the combination of ingredients would minimize our facial imperfections, such as fine lines, wrinkles, poor tone and texture, blemishes and all the imperfections we look for in the mirror.

Eshani Karu Telomere DNA Repair Cream

1 oz - 30 ml

$142.15 (shipping and taxes included)

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