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The Dermis

The dermis is the middle layer of our skin, the "core" of our three skin layers. The dermis is a thick layer of elastin, which gives our skin its ability to move, to be elastic, and collagen, which is protein made up of amino acids, whose components are arginine, glycine, hydroxproline and proline, and give our connective (connecting) tissue strength. The dermis is also composed of nerve endings, blood vessels, sweat glands, hair follicles and the sebaceous glands, which are oil glands.

Eshani Karu: Nerve Endings gives us our sense of pain and pleasure, allow us to feel through touch and our skin nerve endings help us with pressure and temperature. Facial nerve endings are very important in love and romance.

Eshani Karu: Sweat Glands generate sweat as we react to heat and body stress.

Eshani Karu: Sebaceous Glands is where the name sebum in the world of beauty comes from. Sebaceous glands produce (secrete) sebum into our hair follicles. Sebum is the oil keeping our skin soft and moist and acts as the guard keeping our skin safe against bacteria and other bad guy substances.

Eshani Karu Review: Collagen and elastin are two major components of the dermis layer of our skin. The elastin fibers give us the elasticity to our skin, which allows it to move. Collagen fibers give us our skin structure and strength. Collagen fibers are throughout the dermis layer and they extend down to the hypodermis layer as well.

Collagen is in a lot of beauty products and collagen in combination with retinol has been known to restore our skin strength and repair the dermis layer of our skin.

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